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MMT Acoustix® has been manufacturing & supplying high quality soundproofing and acoustic material for more than 20 years now. Invested heavily in German manufacturing infrastructure, certifications, quality control and warehousing.

With a huge collection of products for noise reduction, sound absorption, sound diffusion, aesthetic acoustics, echo control and vibration control for applications such as Auditoriums, Cineplex, Recording Studios, Offices, Conference Halls, Worship spaces, Home Theatres, Schools, Online Classrooms, Ed Tech Studios etc

Our technical specialist helps in acoustic consultation, product estimation, pricing & quotation, supply & logistics and after sales service between 9.30 am to 7 pm IST from Tuesday to Sunday. Contact us on +91-9811064045 or +91-9625124963.

All MMT Acoustix products are manufactured in India and supplied globally to more than 20+ countries.

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Acoustic Foam Panels
High quality sound absorbing acoustic foam panels for ceiling and walls. 3D designs produced in 10 types and 7 colors to suit every aesthetic. NRC ( noise reduction coefficientc) more than 0.90 tested by ARAI. Available in 1,2,3,4 inches thickness.All acoustic foam are producdd in 50 density for maximum siound absorption.

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BassBloc®: Bass Absorber
Best alternative of rockwool/glasswool/polywool. 100 density polyurethane foam based sound absorber with NRC properties for soundproofing & acoustics. Easily concealed behind fabric paneling, gypsum walls & ceilings, metal paneling and brick wall. NRC more than 1.0 tested by ARAI. Available in various thickness as per requirement.

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SoundBlanket® MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl
SoundBlanket™ Mass Loaded Vinyl is a noise reducing, sound blacking membrane that can be easily mounted with nails and adhesive on walls, ceiling and floor. It’s available in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. MLV can be concealed behind walls, ceilings and used as soundproofing underlay behind carpets and wooden flooring. STC is more than 36 Db tested by ARAI.

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Soundproofing Door Seal Tapes
Fills gaps in doors and windows with efficient compression technology. Made from high quality EPDM, Aluminum and silicone for high durability & performance. Product comes with manual fixture and self-adhesive options. Available in brown color to match most doors. Must for complete soundproofing.

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Acoustic Laminated Fabric
Acoustic fabric is used for fabric paneling in studios, home theatres and Cineplex for better sound absorption. Unlike other fabrics, acoustic fabric is laminated with 4mm acoustic foam to enhance the NRC values and sound absorption. Available in custom colour and FR option.

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SoundAxe® Wooden Acoustic Panels
Specialized wooden acoustic panels for aesthetics and acoustics. SoundAxe® wooden acoustic panels comprises of sound diffusing wooden top with 1 inch sound absorbing sound insulation pad. Produced in size 24x24x1 inch. Majorly used in studios, auditoriums, offices, meeting halls, conference room etc.

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Echsorbix® Acoustic Polyester PET Panels
Echsorbix® Acoustic boards are Polyester based acoustic panels made from recycled PET. The most sustainable sound absorber in the market is available in 1220x2440mm and 10mm thickness. With NRC value 0.70 tested by ARAI, this product is also fire retardant and moisture repellent. Comes in more than 30 colours and easily mounts on any surface with adhesive and nails.

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Super Spray Adhesive
First in India, Spray adhesive. For Hassle free wall & ceiling installations of panels. Dries Instantly. Specially made for Acoustic Foam Panels but sticks almost everything 1 Can contains 450 gms Super Adhesive Aerosol and sticks 80-100 sqft

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Wooden Acoustic Slats
The acoustic slat wood range offers a luxury quality, state of the art, noise-reducing wood panelling solution. Each panel has been handcrafted not only to transform projects visually but also to create a more quiet, comfortable environment.The range features eight unique finishes, from clean, modern textures, through to warm rustic wood character. Wooden acoustic panels can be filed into grooves (slats) and perforation ( dots ) as per aesthetic requirement. Widely used in auditoriums, cinemas, studios, discos, sports hall, banks, lounges, offices etc to absorb and isolate sound.

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Soundproofing Curtains
Introducing Soundproof curtain to block unwanted sound from existing windows and doors without altering them. A multi layer soundproof curtain with premium 500 gsm acoustic fabric, 3mm SoundBlanket noise barrier wrapped with 4mm acoustic foam. Blocks sounds and light completely making your space better for living. Comes with brass fittings to add aesthetics and durability to the product.

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High quality acoustic panels and appreciable customer service. MMT Acoustix is our registered vendor of acoustic foam panels for all tution studios across India.

Adani Port Mundra

For office acoustics and swift supply we always use MMT Acoustix products. Highly recommended for professional solution.

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi, Video Game Production Co.

Different colour options and designs available for adding complete aesthetics and acoustics to our studio and office. Swift delivery to Abu Dhabi

Google Inc Gurgaon, Unitech Towers

Great Sound isolation memberane and pads for inter room sound blocking. All sound problem was solved by MMT Acoustix.

Hilton Hotel & Resorts, Qatar

Isolated our banquets and lobby using their SoundBlankets. Swift delivery, products, prices and Professionalism.

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