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Audiometry Room & Hospitals : Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment
Because of low furniture and absorbing surfaces there is lot of echo in hospitals and audiometry rooms. This echo can cause disturbances to patients, adulterated test reports and a feeling of chaos in big hospitals. Soundproofing and acoustic treatment has become mandatory in hospitals and audiometry rooms to improve the quality of healthcare on a global scale.
MMT Acoustix® manufactures acoustic foam panels, acoustic boards and wooden acoustic panels that absorbs unwanted sounds and keep the environment peaceful.
MMT Acoustix® produces acoustic materials that are fume free and suitable for hospitals, clinics and audiometry roooms.

There are three factors you need to consider in order to achieve a good sound environment in healthcare premises.
2. Make room for recovery – keep the sound levels down.
3. Secure that the rooms support communication – focus on speech clarity Make sure that the acoustic products fulfill the hygienic demands.
If you achieve this, there will be many benefits for both patients and staff:

• Lowered blood pressure
• Improved quality of sleep
• Reduced intake of pain medication
• Improved communication
• Lowered stress levels
• Improved patient safety

Enhanced staff wellbeing, performance and job satisfaction

SoundAxe® : Wooden Acoustic Diffusers

Introducing easy to install SoundAxe® wooden acoustic diffusers. The panels is sized 595x595x25mm which consist of a 3mm high density wooden top and 22mm sound absorbing acoustic foam. The combination of grooves on the wood diffuses the sound and the hollow acoustic foam part absorbs the sound.
The multi function Soundaxe wooden acoustic panels is one of its kind and widely used in projects for improving sound quality . For more information about the product click here

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are used widely to absorb sound reflections and are rated best in acoustic treatment products. The product comes in various sizes, colors and designs to suit every project’s need. The most liked design is Pyramid, Turbo and Wedge acoustic foam panel. The NRC of this product is greater than 0.90. Best for studios, home theatres, conference halls, offices etc. For more information about the product click here

Acoustic PET Panels

MMT Acoustix® Echsorbix polyester acoustic panels are designed to absorb echo transmissions. Made from 100% polyester with flame retardant and water resistance properties, its suitable for all type of industries. Echsorbix Polyester Acoustic Panels are available in different colours and are easy to cut thus gives an aesthetic look to the interiors of the place. Easy to install & handle, efficient and a hassle free product click here

Inducing Professional Soundproofing & Acoustic Products Globally

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