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low frequency absorber

BassBloc® Bass Absorber

BassBloc® is a polyurethane based, high density, low frequency sound absorber. Made from multiple grades of polyurethane foam, compressed with acoustic resins, turned into a 100 kg/m3 density low frequency absorber. Used as an infill behind gypsum walls, wooden partitions, primary layer in wall and ceiling paneling, used as carpet underlay in home theaters, recording studios, hotels, banquet halls, auditoriums, nightclubs etc for soundproofing purposes.
Due to it’s high NRC and low thickness ( 25mm ) it can be used for acoustic treatment too. Easily sticks on walls and ceiling with just SR Adhesive.
Eco friendly product with zero emissions and non carcinogenic properties to maintain a healthy environment for the users.

Product Detail
Low frequency Absorber
High density ie 100 kg/m3
NRC > 1.20
Panel Size 6 x 3 Feet ( 1.8 x 0.9m )
Available Thickness : 25mm,50mm,75mm,100mm,125mm,150mm
Absorbs mighty bass from all directions, control sound leakage
Application : Infill behind gypsum, wooden, cement walls and partitions. Can be used on walls & ceiling
Offices (Conference room, cabins, Halls, Waiting Area)
Home Theaters
Home Interiors (Rooms, Lobby, Halls, Basements)
Hotels(Rooms, Lobby, Halls, Basements)
Schools (Classroom, Play Area, Halls, Offices)
Gymnasiums and play area
Cinemas and Multiplexes
low frequency bass absorber
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