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MMT Acoustix® Super Application Adhesives
All our products are DIY and easy to apply. MMT Acoustix® acoustic products can easily be stuck on walls and ceiling using MMT Acoustix® Adhesives. We have 2 types of adhesives

Super Spray Adhesive ( Aerosol )

To ease the application process of acoustic material MMT Acoustix® introduces super spray adhesive in India. This Super spray adhesive can easily stick acoustic foam panels on any surface in no time. The spray glue can with hold the weight of the panel for years without any problem.

No spillage hassle free application process. Sprays easily like any deodorant. Overall installation cost is cheaper with MMT Acoustix® Spray Adhesive. Easily covers 80 sqft in 1 Can of 450 ml.

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Product Details:
MMT Acoustix® Spray Adhesive is a super - strong,aerosol-based adhesive
It comes in a 450 ml spray can, very easy to use
MMT Acoustix® Spray Adhesive provides a permanent bond and one spray mounts up to 80 square feet of foam or diffusors, depending on thickness.
Holds the panel to the surface forever.
Does Not stink post usage. Clears from the environment in2 hours.

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive (Liquid)

Product Details:
• MMT Acoustix® SR Adhesive has medium viscosity thus easy to apply
• Comes in Drum size of 25 ltrs, Bottle size of 500 ml and 1 Ltr
• Quick drying technology • Holds the panel to the surface forever.
• 20 ml covers a sqft of area for best performance
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