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Echsorbix Acoustic Panels

MMT Acoustix® Echsorbix polyester acoustic panels are designed to absorb echo transmissions. Made from  100% polyester with flame retardant and water resistance properties, its suitable for all type of industries.  Echsorbix Polyester Acoustic Panels are available in different colours and are easy to cut thus gives an  aesthetic look to the interiors of the place. Easy to install & handle, efficient and a hassle free product.

Echsorbix Acoustic Panels are echo reduction boards in 9mm thickness available in different colors to suit any interior. They lack sound isolation property but are good for echo reduction in offices, auditoriums and schools.
Buy high desnity soundproofing acoustic polyester PET boards in India from MMT Acoustix®. We deliver acoustic panels and soundproofing material in India for all kind of projects.
Product Detail
Application Industry:
Eco friendly material as emits no odor and gas
Available in 20+ shades of color for an aesthetic look.
Damps and absorbs the sound making a restful environment
NRC levels are greater than 0.65, Certified by ASTM
Very sleek and can be easily applied using adhesive
Provides thermal insulation as well thus reducing air conditioning bills
Fire Retardant, Water Resistant, Anti Termite and Zero Emission panels
Choice and preferred product of Amateurs, Veterans and Professionals globally
easy to cut in desired shape
Offices (Conference room, cabins, Halls, Waiting Area)
Home Theaters
Home Interiors (Rooms, Lobby, Halls, Basements)
Hotels(Rooms, Lobby, Halls, Basements)
Schools (Classroom, Play Area, Halls, Offices)
Gymnasiums and play area
Cinemas and Multiplexes
Application Guide:
Apply Adhesive on the flat side of the panel.
Leave it for 2 minutes till it dries a bit making adhesive stickier
Apply on the required surface and press using hands
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