Acoustic Baffles

MMT Acoustix® manufactures and supplies hanging acoustic baffles for indoors like gymnasium, Hotels, Schools, Auditoriums and big spaces with low wall surface. It absorbs the sound and helps maintaining perfect sound environment. Our acoustic baffles are available in more than 40 colors, allowing you to choose best for your interiors.

Acoustic baffles are an easy way to soundproof big area and can easily hang from ceilings. These ceiling panels can also be pasted directly for best acoustic treatment. Acoustic Ceiling Panels are available in different shapes and colors as per interior requirement. MMT Acoustix® also manufactures fabric acoustic panels to hang from ceilings.

Foam based Acoustic Ceiling baffles are an efficient way of soundproofing. They are cheaper, easy to handle, easy to mount and very effective in acoustic treatment. Shapes like cylinders, semi circles, triangles, stars etc. are available.
Product Detail
Application Industry:
Eco friendly material as emits no odor and gas
Available in 40+ shades of color for an aesthetic look.
Damps and absorbsthe sound making a restful environment
NRC levels are greater than 0.80, Certified by ARAI
Very sleek unlike other acoustic products.
Provides thermal insulation as well thus reducing air conditioning bills
Fire Retardant, Water Resistant, Anti Termite and Zero Emission panels
Choice and preferred product of Amateurs, Veterans and Professionals globally
Easy to cut in desired shape
Worship places
Application Guide:
Fix eye loops on the ceiling where the baffle needs to be installed
Crimp the wire rope to a hook after passing it through the baffle holes
Connect the hook to the loop and its done.
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