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SoundBlanket MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier
SoundBlanket® MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl is a super high density vinyl membrane produced to isolate and block low, medium and high frequencies. SoundBlanket® MLV is easy to install on floors, walls and ceilings because of its flexible nature. Used as a primary layer for sound isolation in hotels, nightclubs, cineplex and buildings. SoundBlanket® in combination of a sound absorber like Sound Insulation Pad provides full soundproofing.

SoundBlanket® Installs on any hard surface with nails and adhesives. Produced in continous machinery thus comes in rolls of 32x4 Ft (128 sqft) / 1.2x10 Mtr (12 sqm) with a straightness ≤ 20 mm/10 m. The high density membrane starts from low thicknesses like 2.5mm and goes upto 25mm. SoundBlanket® is highly durable, water resistant, fire retardant and maintanence free.

It is mandatory to use Mass Loaded Vinyl for noise isolation and soundproofing in cineplex, multiplex, auditorium, home theatre, recording studio, hotels, shopping malls, nightclubs, gyms, new constructions, buildings and offices

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Product Detail
Application Industry:
Isolates and blocks the sound mostly the low frequencies .
Can be applied on walls, ceiling and floor
Comes in roll, easy to install
Control high, medium and low frequencies. High Density > 2200 kg/m3
Vibration Resistant and takes minimum space due to low thickness
Water resistant , fire resistant and Anti - Microbial
Can be easily covered with Carpets, Wooden Flooring, gypsum or cement.
Marine and Aerospace
Air Conditioning
Application Guide:
SoundBlanket Mass Loaded Vinyl can be easily mounted on any surface using screws, nails and synthetic rubber adhesives.
WALLS : SoundBlanket can be cut into manageable pieces of 1x1 meter to apply them easily on walls directly. They are also cut as per the insulation framework to fit inside the GI network in high soundproofing areas.
CEILING : It is advised to use the SoundBlanket MLV on the concrete ceiling and not on any kind of suspension system due to its heavy weight. Similar to walls it can be cut and applied to cover 100% ceiling area, add mass and block all sound
FLOOR : SoundBlanket MLV comes in roll form and can easily spread on floors hassle free. It's flexible property allows it to turn and fold at steps and elevations.
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