Application: Echo and Reverb
Echo and reverb are the enemies of a comprehensive working area. It not only hampers the efficiency of work but also reduces the level of understanding. MMT Acoustix™ manufactures acoustic products for echo and reverb reduction. These products can be easily installed and has aesthetic looking feature for on the surface application. No damage or re construction is required for our products.

Our products are DIY and certified by ARAI. These products are majorly in demand by Interior designers and architects due to their aesthetic look.
Products for Echo And reverb:
• MMT Acoustix™ Egg Tray Acoustic Foam
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Fabric
• MMT Acoustix™ Echsorbix Aesthetic panels
• MMT Acoustix™ Baffles
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Carpets
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