Application: Soundproofing & Acoustics
Quite and peaceful environment is a necessity in today’s life. In every industry we need quiet and perfectly sounding space for efficient working. For that purpose MMT Acoustix manufactures premium soundproofing and acoustic material for residential, commercial, industrial and musical noise and echo treatment.

Our Soundproofing and acoustic products can be installed both on the surface and below the surface. The products are made aesthetic keeping in mind the customers requirement of solution and interiors.

MMT Acoustix soundproofing and acoustic products are manufactured using International Infrastructure and raw materials under professional supervision of engineers and experts.
Products for Soundproofing and Acoustics:
• MMT Acoustix™ Wall Insulation Pad
• MMT Acoustix™ Echsorbix Aesthetic panels
• MMT Acoustix™ Ceiling Insulation Pad
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Fabric
• MMT Acoustix™ Egg Tray Acoustic Foam
• MMT Acoustix™ Baffles
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Carpets
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